CSA - Weekly or Every-Other-Week Package of Produce


Package Options

Every-Other-Week: $400 for the season

Every Week: $700 for the season

Try it out on a week-by-week basis: $35 pick-up or $40 delivered

Pick-up Locations

* Flint Farmer’s Market on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 9 am - 5:30 pm 

* At the Farm on Fridays 2 pm - 7 pm

* Delivery available on Wednesdays (within 1 hour from Farm) seasonal fee of $50 for Every Other Week or $100 for Every Week Packages

Can't pick-up this week?

With advance notice (24 hrs):

* Have someone else pick up for you

* Add on to the delivery schedule for that week for a $5 delivery fee

* Possible pick-up at farm at different day

What does your enrollment provide YOU?

* During the 2019 season, get a weekly or an every-other-week package of produce, depending on your selected choice.

* Support and enjoy local, organically grown agriculture and produce.

* Receive 20% off Farmer’s Market cost on any additional Stony Creek Farm products

What does your enrollment provide the FARM?

* Allows us to purchase necessary items for the farm’s production, such as seeds, hoses, etc.

* Gives us the ability to improve or grow the infrastructure of the farm in order to provide the community (and you) with more variety of items, such as apples and other fruits, more variety of meat, etc.

General Information

* Our Season: May 1st - October 31

* What is included in a package: 8-12 different varieties of produce from Stony Creek Farm. Packages vary each week and include what is available at the farm that week.

Work-For-Food Program


Would you like to work for your CSA package?

* Come work at the farm doing various jobs to pay for your selected package

* Gain experience and knowledge by working on an organic farm

* Want to donate your package? You can work the required hours and donate the package to anyone you choose

* Must have at least HALF of the required hours completed by July 1

* Will start package delivery after first 4 hours worked and will be required to have future hours scheduled

* Required hours: 

Every Other Week Package: 40 hours total over the season

Every Week Package: 70 hours total over the season